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We partner with every client to listen first and then build a custom-fit, tailor-made solution that serves the needs of your employees. There’s no one-size-fits-most here.

We explore the new alternatives being brought to market while allowing you to move towards a more holistic plan at your pace.
New “disruptive” techniques are needed in healthcare access, but we enable the right strategies at a pace that does not disrupt your workforce.

Then, we educate in a fun and meaningful way. The best-made plans are useless if you can’t navigate your benefits in your time of need. We simplify through storytelling and provide ongoing resources throughout the year to remind your employees of the actual benefits they have available.



Engage – Hello?  Is the mic on?  Sitting in an insurance meeting isn’t the same as sitting at an open mic night.  But this meeting will impact them and their family for the whole year.  That’s why we strive to engage and simplify through storytelling and ongoing communication throughout the year.

Equip – The most sophisticated technology is useless in the hands of someone not trained to use it.  And the same can be said for an insurance card in the hands of just about anyone in America.  Your insurance doesn’t always suck, sometimes we just have no idea how to use it; how to navigate it.  Joy provides the tools and resources in a meaningful way that eases the burden of accessing quality care appropriate for the need.

Empower – We stand with your employees at the point of sale.  The benefits industry is working diligently to turn the tide of the blind helplessness we feel when we hand over our ID cards and wait for a decision or a bill.  Joy Benefits partners with the best in our industry, to put the power back in the employees’ hands and help them advocate for their access to quality healthcare. 

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